Sunday, November 8, 2009

November heat wave

Woke today to a foggy morning, then a promise of a beautiful sunny day. The forecast high temperature for today is suppose to be 17 C., our normal high for this time of the year is 9C. Tomorrow more of the same, Tuesday, a bit cooler with possible showers, then Wednesday back to seasonal values. Outdoor chores for this afternoon will include finishing the last minute jobs in the garden to prepare it for winter, and cleaning the inside of my car.

Visiting my Mother tomorrow, so laundry is on the go at the present time. My Father died November 11, 1991, so will also go to his grave tidy up the Summer plants and put on a winter wreath for him.

I am almost finished the International Ploughing Match challenge block that I am doing. I am not very pleased with the way it is turning out, (maybe I'm too hard on myself), but will submit it anyway.

Thanks for visiting, have a wonderful Sunday.