Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Garden

I have enjoyed looking at other blogger's flowers, and gardens, so I have posted some pictures of my garden. Some of the flowers are Pink and yellow Potentilla, Shasta Daisy, Phlox, Veronica, Echinacea, Batchlor Buttons, Yellow and Copper Day Lilies, Pink Astilbe, and my Euonymus duck Topairy.
Lobelia, Sweet Potatoe vine, and Geranimums are in the pot at my front door.

Enjoy, thanks for looking, Patricia


  1. Your garden is beautful Patricia! Bachelor Buttons... that's the name I was trying to remember. I planted some last year in my own yard and they're doing really well. I have basically a low maintenance yard cause of my allergies - they act up if I work out there - but there are a few plants that my mom loved that I've planted.

  2. Very pretty. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Karen

  3. Your garden is beautiful! Sam xox

  4. Hi Patricia,it,s cottonreel , thankyou for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. this is a very pretty and well kept garden . My fence came down last year ,I lost a lot of tall plants and bushes but I,m getting there again now.
    I have a lot of quilts on webshots, same name cottonreel. I like to see the work of others .