Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuscany Village

Last night I completed the binding and hanging sleeve for the wall hanging that I have been working on. It had a lot of hand piecing and embroidery so I was able to sit on my deck during the summer and work on this project.

I had a lot of fun looking for the fabric for the houses, even though it took quite awhile, another excuse to go to fabric shops.

The next picture is a close up of the church and some of the houses.

The next photo is one of the flowers that are in the corners.

They don't show the quilting very well, but I tried to follow the bricks and textures so as to make they look more realistic.

I can now cross one C-mas gift off the list and start on another.
Hope you enjoy looking, thanks for visiting.


  1. Oh, it is lovely. A Christmas present, huh? I don't suppose you are sending it my way? ;) The lucky recipient will love it for sure!

  2. Very nice, Patricia. I don't know how you can give it away after all that hard work. I find that hard to do sometimes.

  3. Gorgeous Patricia. I love that sort of painting and it came out very well quilted. Lucky recipient.

  4. Thanks for your kind comments. This wall hanging is a gift for my son and daughter in law.
    So love has gone into every stitch. Patricia

  5. Lovely quilt! And great choices of fabrics!

  6. Great work and a present that will be treasured for sure. A very nice gift and thought.