Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Its official, I can't wear my shorts and flip flops anymore. We had a white frost this morning, finishing off most of the annuals. I hate pulling them out of the garden when they are still showing some wonderful colour. No excuse but to do it now.
Today we took the canvas roof of our gazebo and also put the sun umbrella away for the winter. Emptied the water butt, and took the temperature controlled vent opener off the roof of the greenhouse. I don't think I can count on warm weather coming any time soon, so will have to put our garden furniture away too.
There is still some tiding up to be done in the flower beds and some bulbs to plant, which I hope to get finished later this week.
I decorated our front deck with some flowers, leaves and pumpkins for Thanksgiving, next week the pumpkins will have a face on them for Halloween, and I will put out our ghost for the trick or treater's.
Sounds as if we are almost ready for old man winter, which I understand could be arriving tomorrow with some (I can hardly say it) wet S s s snow mixed with rain. It is way too early for the "S" word. Where are those gloves and scarves, the winter coat and boots.?

Keep warm


  1. I'm not ready to break out the winter clothes yet. They are forecasting temps in the low 60's (15c) next week, starting on Monday, so all is not lost yet! Karen

  2. Same out here on the West Coast Pat, except for the snow part. Calgary and Winnipeg have already had that. Our weatherman says it's going back up to 15C tomorrow... I dunno. Makes it hard clotheswise. We gotta get our gazebo top off too, thanks for the reminder. Stay warm.

  3. Busy, busy, busy...lots to do. I didn't realize you had to take the top off of the gazebo. Is this because of the weight of the snow? Don't have to worry about that here in Georgia. Just waiting for the grass to go dormant and the rain to stop!

  4. your post...I can see why you need to take the canvas roof off. I had in mind a wooden roof.