Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I follow Reit's Photoblog, she has some beautiful pics of her homeland. Earlier this week she received two awards, and had to tell seven things that" blog land" did not know about her. I began thinking what I would say, and found that it was more difficult that one might think. I did, however, come up with the following, in the form of an antique car ad.

1. 1941 model with 68,000 original miles.
2. Exterior needs cosmetic paint job.
3. Original interior except for two parts that do not effect the warranty.
4. Engine runs good.
5. Brakes need shoes much too often.
6. Has a tendency to use fuel, needs topping up three times a day.
7. Rear end has a tendency to sag a bit.

Have a good Wednesday.



  1. Very clever, and made me laugh! As long as the engine starts up when you turn the key then you've still got miles and miles of open road ahead. Just remember to have regular tune-ups!

  2. very funny!!! I have the same problem with #7.

    Gill in Canada