Monday, December 7, 2009

Milk Bags

On Friday, Gill from That British Woman, wrote a post explaining how Ontario residents can purchase 4 litres of milk in plastic bags.
Did you know that church groups and other organizations are using the outer printed bags to make sleeping mats for people in Third World countries.
The bags are first washed and dried, then cut into strips, these strips are then tied into long lengths and crocheted into a sleeping mat.
It takes 250 bags make a mat suitable in size for a child, 300 to 500 bags for an adult mat. A local group also purchases towels from charity shops and sews them to one side making it softer to lie on. These mats keep people away from the soil born parasites that are prevalent in these countries.
The mats are used as packing material for medical supplies also bring shipped to these countries.
They improve the life and health of these people, and it also eliminates all these bags going to our landfill, BUT---------
Are we making these countries our landfill sites.
Don't get me wrong I think it is wonderful that people are spending hours and hours of their time makes these mats but when of no use anymore, what happens to these mats. these countries do not have the facilities to collect and process this plastic.
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  1. is there a link to this organization, that makes these sleep mats, as that is so interesting.