Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Snowflakes that fall on my nose and eyelashes

That's what happened during my walk this afternoon. The temp is hovering around 0 C and snowflakes falling, they are still quite wet so not laying yet. Needed to get some fresh air and renew my energy for some baking this p.m. Did some sausage rolls and a moist fruit cake which has no added sugar, ( all the sweetness is from the fruit) and no fat. It really is delish, and a Christmas treat for diabetic DH. Now that my finger tips are warm I am going to start my shortbread.

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday.



  1. You're lucky with those temps that you didn't get a little ice on the roads. Karen

  2. Your cake sounds good, your weather you can keep although, we are expecting snow in the next few days. I marzipaned my two cakes yesterday today I am making my first batch of mince pies, it just goes on, roll on boxing day when I can put my feet up and tell everyone to get their own food.
    Hope you have a great Christmas,
    Love jillxx

  3. I love that kind of snow. We get it here sometimes like that. Our snow a few days ago was that ugly frozen horizontal stuff *ick* Now it's all gone and it's raining *sigh*