Sunday, July 26, 2009

Le Tour de France

For the past three weeks I have been watching the Tour de France bicycle race on TV. After a start in Monaco, the riders went through the beautiful countryside of France, also through a section of Spain and Switzerland and when it is observed through the eyes of the camera located in the helicopter it was breath taking. I loved the old castles and houses, and the lovely manicured gardens and then Paris today to end the race. I can understand why Reit loves to vacation there.


  1. I could vacation there as long as it doesn't include having to ride a bike 8>)

  2. Isn't it beautiful? And what a show for Lance Armstrong! I can't believe at his age he came in third!

  3. Hi. Thank you for visiting. We have been watching the tour de France also. We do that every year and love it. Lance Armstrong is my very favorite and I am glad he came in third. We are spoiled with him winning 7 times but my husband says he will win again next year. We will keep our fingers crossed. And yes France is a beautiful country. I will show more oictures some time soon.

  4. Hi Patricia!
    Thank you for visiting me and leave such a kind comment!
    I had a look at your crafts...they're just amazing! :)
    And you garden is so romantic!
    Greetings from Italy!

  5. We watch too and I think the crowd is crazy, but the cyclists are just so strong. The countryside is breathtaking, our neighbours here in Desford England followed the race for one day and loved it.