Friday, July 24, 2009

Rain, Rain

Yesterday I was singing ' Rain rain go away, Come back again another day, Patricia wants to go out and play." The TV news last night reported that July 2009 will most likely go down in the record books as being the coldest. We have had so many cool days, and even cooler nights, hardly any sunshine, resulting in crops not maturing as they should. It is so depressing, we usually have our air conditioning on at this time of the year, not so, at least we are saving some money by not using the hydro.
Today, we have some blue stuff above, what is that? I was beginning to think that the sky was grey, and there is a ball of fire there too, it must be the end of the world.
Hopefully when August gets here we will have a change in the weather, keep your fingers crossed.
Have a great Friday. Patricia


  1. Oh yes. Ontario is having it hard this year. About the only time it was really hot was when I was visiting there in June. I grew up in Ottawa but can't take the heat any more. It's supposed to be hot this week in the lower British Columbia rainland but yesterday and today have been cloudy and only 18 - 20. Beats our winter rain but I'd like some more sunshine.

  2. The older I get the more the cold sets in these old bones. But I just handle it the lazy way--I stay inside and don't go anywhere. I'm real smart huh? I heard that Shirley, Patricia she is laughing at me. That's because she is catching the favorite color blue from me. I said I would get her. Patricia you take care and just ignore me picking on Shirley 8>)