Sunday, December 27, 2009

It's all over for another year-

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and Santa was good to you all.
We had a green Christmas, started in the a.m. with some freezing rain, then just rain but skies tried to clear later in the day. Highways were great for travel, which I was thankful for.
Christmas day I cooked dinner for eleven, I don't mind the cooking its the last minute things that have to be done just before serving that I hate doing, such a lot clutter in my small kitchen. We had a lovely meal with all the trimmings even flamed the Christmas pudding and we all received some nice gifts and everyone had a great time.
On Boxing day, eighteen family members came for a visit and gift exchange. I laid out a buffet table with finger foods, dips, veggies, chips, etc. etc etc. so everyone grazed all afternoon.
All of the days preparation, and its over within a matter of minutes. I am thankful that I am able financially and health wise, to do all of the necessary work for a meal for family, however, next year I have decided that I am going to make the food preparation and serving a lot easier on myself.
2010-- Christmas dinner -- Baked potatoes -- no last minute mashing, and pot to wash. BBQ steaks -- no gravy to make or roasting pan to wash. Salad -- no pots to pans to wash. A nice bottle of wine. Dessert -- gotta have a Christmas pudding, and trifle. Boxing day, -- pizza from the shop down the street, salad and wine, and shortbread cookies.
Today, I am going to do very little. As I sit at my computer the turkey bones are simmering away, ending up as soup for dinner tonight, add some leftover pie for dessert, easy meal for a Sunday.
My youngest daughter worked over the holidays, so was unable to take part in our festivities, so tomorrow, I have invited her and family for dinner, to help clear up the leftover ham and other dishes.

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  1. there must be something in the air, as I am feeling the same way as you, next year its going to be a heck of a lot easier on myself, as all I seem to do on Christmas Day is cook!!!

    Got a couple of interesting challenges coming up on my blog that you may be interested in?