Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wall Hangings

I made wall hangings for each of my daughters and son in law's for Christmas.

The first picture shows the one I made for my eldest dd. She wanted one in earth tones. Well, I include shades of brown, green, yellow, orange, etc in earth tones but, she dislikes all of those colours, with the exception of brown. While looking for fabrics nothing seemed to speak to me, however, I did find this panel, so made a whole cloth quilted wall hanging. I like the way it looks and she did too.
My youngest dd wanted one that was blue, the picture below is the one I made for her.

Because they are both quite large they are going to be hung above the head of their beds.

The next one you have seen before, its was made some time ago for my son and dil. They are going to hang it in their dining room.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. They turned out great ,what lucky girls .

  2. those are gorgeous. I just picked up some gorgeous brown material yesterday, its called The Vintage Homestead by Whimsicals fo Red Rooster Fabrics.

    I am using it for the sashings on some blocks I am doing. I am hoping to post photos by the end of the week, if I get round to doing some sewing this week.....busy week here!!

    Tomorrow's post is on a super simple way of saving money.


  3. I love all the wallhangings, what a lovely present for them they will treasure them. I think my favourite is the one of the houses it looks so cosy a lovely place to live. Well done you.
    Love Jill xx